Weltool LH6 IR Tactical Helmet Light Head

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This LH6 tactical helmet light head uses a high-density 850nm infrared LED with two modes of high and low, designed for head-mounted night vision device.

LH6 is compatible with Weltool W35, W65 weaponlight body, or BB3, BB6 flashlight body, and also compatible with Surefire M600DF MH60DF light body or MH62 body. The diameter is 28mm (1.1 inches), the aluminum alloy is CNC machined, the surface is anodized, and two colors of black or FDE are available.

LH6 is also the original head of W35IRH helmet light, which can be driven by 1 lithium ion battery (2 Li-ion batteries or 2 lithium batteries cannot be used).


High mode: 100mW

Low mode: 5mW


High mode: 10 hours 18 minutes

Low mode:  59 hours 54 minutes