Weltool DF2E Copper adapter for LH Series Light head to SF MH30, MH60 or E Series body

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This DF2E adapter is used to connect Weltool's LH series light head (of course also including Surefire M600DF KE2-DF head) to surefire's MH30, MH31, MH60, MH61 and E series body.

The DF2E is CNC machined with brass material and is equipped with a waterproof O ring
1,The thread processing of this DF2E is very fine. When you install or remove it, please wear gloves to avoid scratching your hands.

After installing this adapter, if you use a 16650 battery, please make sure that the 16650 battery is Button Top and the battery length exceeds 67mm.

3,If you use a 16340 battery, you also need to make sure that the battery is Button TOP, and the battery length exceeds 34mm