Lumintop Thor5 Thor 5 370 Lumens 1200 Meters Titanium LEP Flashlight

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Lumintop Thor 5 LEP Flashlight

NOTE: There is one DISCOUNTED Thor 5 that has the 3 glow tubes removed (to add tritiums) can be purchased here >>> Tritium Vials 1.5 x 6mm Self-Luminous – JLHawaii808




ANSI/NEMA FL1 LOW HIGH Blink 1/ Strobe Blink 2
OUTPUT 50 Lumen 370 Lumen 220 Lumen 220 Lumen
Runtime 2H 5M+ 1H / /
INTENSITY 360000cd (Max)
DISTANCE 1200m (Max)
WATERPROOF IPX-8, underwater 2m
SIZE 92*34.5mm (Length*Tube Ø)
NET WEIGHT 215g Titanium)
LIGHT SOURCE White Laser Emitter
POWER 9W (Max)
BATTERY 1 X 18350 Li-ion (excluded)
PROTECTION Reverse polarity protection, low voltage protection, over-heat protection

Notice: The above appropriate parameters are lab-tested by using a 18350 Li-ion battery, it may vary due to the difference of batteries and environments. The runtime on High is accumulated due to the over-heat protection setting.

Operation Instruction
General mode: Low, High (with mode memory)
Hidden mode: Blink1/Strobe, Blink2

  • ON/ OFF: Fully press the switch for ON, press and hold for 1 second for OFF.
  • Output change: One-click from ON.
  • Blink 1/ Strobe: Two quick clicks from any status, another click will enter the general mode.
  • Blink 2: 6 clicks from any status, another click will enter the general mode.
  • Lock-out/ Unlock: 4 clicks from OFF to enter lock-out mode and another 4 clicks to unlock. Under lockout status, press and hold the switch will turn the light momentary on until released.
  • Switch backlit light ON/ OFF: 7 clicks from OFF.
  • Battery check: 3 clicks from OFF, i.e., 3.8V is equal to 3 blinks then 8 blinks, it will cycle 3 times or one click the switch will turn the indicator off.