Fireflies PL47G2 Brass / Copper Limited Version LED Flashlight

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Version type:

  • 4x Nichia 219B 4000K SW40 D220 R9080 CRI98 Max 2500lumens
  • 4x Nichia 219B SW40 4000K D220 R9080 CRI95 Max 2500lumens
  • 4x SST20 4000K FA3 NW Max 2800lumens CRI95
  • 4x SST20 6500K 
  • 4x CREE XPL HI 

Product Description:

  • Made of Raw Brass or Raw copper
  • Body color:  Brass / Copper
  • Raw Brass Polished Finish
  • 30-degree Optical Lens
  • 1x 21700 or 18650 (21700/18650 adapter tube) or 22430 with short body (not included)
  • Digital current regulation on lower brightness
  • IPX8 waterproof, underwater 2 meters
  • with Aux Leds --Ice blue; with switch white LEDS (7-click to control aux Leds)
  • Size: 88mm x 28mmx24mm body
  • Weight: 150 grams 

Accessories: standby O rings; Gift box 

Optional 22430 Brass or Copper body with 22430 high-drain battery -- Extra 20usd, not included by default

Optional Headlamp Strap (NO INCLUDED)

 PL47 uses free software distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License version 3

PL47 Anduril code from toykeeper/flashlight-firmware