Emisar Noctigon D4V2/D4SV2/KR4 Reflashing Kit

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The reflashing kit can be used to reflash the D4V2 and our future products with the latest version firmware, it can also be modified to reflash the other flashlights with reflashing pads on the back of the driver.

It is RECOMMENDED to use the phone app to reflash the firmware which is simple. When to use the phone app, you will need an OTG adapter to connect the reflashling kit with your phone. Please refer to the video for the reflashing process.

For the customers who will use the PC to reflash the firmware, please refer to this thread, and feel free to ask any questions.

ToyKeeper repository >>> http://toykeeper.net/torches/fsm/anduril2/


ToyKeeper download link for the non Nichia option (XPL- HI, SST-20 LED version):


ToyKeeper download link for the Nichia emitter option: