Emisar/Noctigon NEW! CUSTOM BUILD-TO-ORDER Option!

COMMING SOON! There will be an option to "custom" build your own Hanklight the way you want it! This will be a trial and stock is limited. Only D4v2 and D4k for now. Boost driver is optional so you will need to purchase the boost driver + the Hanklight 

More will be available in the future but if there is something you want that you don't SEE message me! 808-864-7548

D4v2 519a link >>> Emisar D4v2 519A High Power LED Flashlight *CUSTOM BUILD-TO-ORDER* – JLHawaii808

D4v2 SSt20 link >>> Emisar D4v2 SST20 4000K High Power LED Flashlight *CUSTOM BUILD-TO-ORD – JLHawaii808

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