Upcoming Events/Shipments This Week!

Upcoming Events/Shipments This Week!

Father's day weekend sale coming soon 6/17-6/18! 

Hanklights and ReyLight upcoming shipment this week hopefully by the end of this week

D4v2 and D4k raw hosts for build-to-order stock

D2 stock with UV on channel 2

D4v2 UV lights

KR4 W2 and 519a stock

D4v2 brass stock

D4v2 copper stock

D4v2 titanium stock

D4v2 aluminum 519a and SST20 4000k stock

D4k SST20 4000k, W2 andf 519a stock

DT8 W2 stock

K1 SFT40 stock

K1 SBT90.2 stock

NEW! K1 SFN50 5000k stock

D18 SST20 mix/W2 and SST20 4000k stock

ReyLight pineapple mini stonewashed, Dawn triple titanium, copper and brass


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