ReyLight Stock Updated! 8/22/2022!

ReyLight Stock Updated! 8/22/2022!

NEW! Triple dawn V2.2 available titanium back in stock raw or stonewashed!

Triple dawn V2.1 still some stock left only raw

Pineapple mini titanium, copper and brass back in stock! 

NEW! Pineapple mini titanium replacement tail cap >>> Reylight Pineapple Mini Titanium *** NEW TAIL CAP ONLY *** – JLHawaii808

Pineapple AA raw and stonewashed back in stock!

Lan titanium stonewashed back in stock

NEW! Anodized mini, AA and Lan available (black oil, blu-pur splash and blue circuit)

NEW! Aluminum Pineapple mini in Green available and black and blue back in stock! >>> ReyLight Pineapple Mini Aluminum – JLHawaii808

Nichia 519a 4000k stock option in Pineapple mini titanium, copper and brass 



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