Next Shipment 8/11-8/12/2021!

Got a few large shipments coming in a day or 2.

Emisar D4v2, DT8 and Noctigon Kr4 will have the Nichia 219b option in 3500k or 3500k, will be 1800-2000 lumens, DT8 will be approx 4000+ lumens

Emisar D18 stock, there is a shortage of SST-20 cw and nw emitters so this next shipment will have the Osram W1 outer and W2 inner emitter mix. D18 Osram blue and SST-20 deep red will be back in stock

All D4v2 will have the raised ring option so please check some is older/current stock with non lighted switch with no raised ring option (discounted price)

Noctigon KR1 will be fully stocked Osram W1 and W2 and colored emitters


NEW! Thor1 compact 18350 LEP Flashlight Black and Raw 


E07x pro red 

PL47 red 


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