Lumintop FW3A SS (Stainless Steel) Update!

Lumintop FW3A SS (Stainless Steel) Update!

As of 1/2/2024 my "CUSTOM" Lumintop FW3A SS (STAINLESS-STEEL) has shipped. It should take approximate 5-10 days to arrive shipped by DHL express. 

There is 300+ order on this one-time limited run! These are not available through Lumintop anymore. This was a "BUY-IN" custom order, and these are 100% authentic no COPY! All the tail cap will not have the laser engraved "LUMINTOP" bunny logo because I wanted all "SMOOTH" finish! 

Emitter option is only the Nichia 219c 4000K directly from Lumintop BUT will offer the Nichia 519a as a $20 option.

If you did not have done this already please click on the "notify me" button so you will be instantly notified when its back in stock!

Link >>>  Lumintop FW3A SS Stainless Steel 2800 Lumens EDC Flashlight – JLHawaii808

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