7/31/2022 Store Updates

7/31/2022 Store Updates

NEW! Lumintop FW1aa will be here hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday and will be offering the Osram W2 as an option >>> Lumintop FW1AA 700 Lumens 330 Meters 14500 EDC LED Flashlight – JLHawaii808

NEW! Lumintop GT nano pro is in stock with the Nichia 219b 4500k and the Osram W1 as an option >>> Lumintop GT NANO PRO 1620 Lumens 10440 EDC LED Flashlight – JLHawaii808

NEW! GT nano in RED >>> Lumintop GT Nano Red 450 Lumens 300 Meters Pocket Thrower EDC Keychain – JLHawaii808

NEW! Lumintop D3 >>> Lumintop D3 6000 Lumens 26800 Outdoor LED Flashlight SFN55.2 LED – JLHawaii808

Lumintop Frog back in stock available a large selection of optional emitters! >>> Lumintop Frog 570 Lumens 10180 10440 EDC Flashlight – JLHawaii808

Thor pro blowout sale! >>> Lumintop Thor Pro 12,600 Lumens LEP LED Type-C Rechargeable Outdoor Fl – JLHawaii808

Thor pro with Nichia 519a 5000k optional emitters >>> Lumintop Thor Pro Custom 12 x Nichia 519a 5000k + LEP – JLHawaii808

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