NEW Emitters will be available 3/27/2024!

NEW Emitters will be available 3/27/2024!

New Fireflylite led emitters will be available. It will be available on one of the emitter options for all the D4v2, D4sv2, D4k and DW4, the 8-emitter mule will be available also. You can also purchase these raw >>> FIREFLYLITE LED EMITTERS – JLHawaii808

FF505a 3700k 5050smd 95cri

FFA351a 3750k 3535snd 95cri

The FF505a quad will have its own listing since the emitters cost less than the SFT40 emitters. Links below.

D4SV2 >>> EMISAR D4SV2 26650 QUAD FFL505A "CUSTOM" – JLHawaii808

D4V2 AL >>> Emisar D4V2 18650 QUAD FFL505A *CUSTOM* – JLHawaii808

D4K AL >>> EMISAR D4K 21700 QUAD FFL505A *CUSTOM* – JLHawaii808

DW4 >>> Emisar DW4 18650 RIGHT ANGLE QUAD FFL505A *CUSTOM* – JLHawaii808

Copper and Brass quad 5050 will be available


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