Hank's order is almost here!

Hank's order is almost here!

Sorry for the SUPER long delay, unexpected stuffs came up was the release of the new Emisar DW4 and the Nichia 519a emitter availability, so I told Hank wait till the 519a are in them ship all together. Below is a list of what's coming on Monday 6/20/2022 if delayed Tuesday 6/21/2022.

DW4 stock (519a, W2's, tint ramp and SST20 emitters)

DW4 mule with 519a emitters

DW4 headlamp strap (generic)

DW4 deep carry pocket clips (will fit D4v2)

D4v2 stock (519a and tint ramping)

Kr4 stock (519a, W2's and tint ramping)

D18 stock (sand only)

K1 stock Osram W2.2 and SBT90.2

D4sv2 W2 black and gray 

Kr1 stock

Kr1 copper SBT90.2

DM1.12 stonewhite with Nichia 519a emitters

Depending on what Hank has shipped me I might have Nichia 519a emitters for sale, color temps 2700k, 3500k, 4500k and 5700k



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