4/7/2022 Store updates

4/7/2022 Store updates

Noctigon DM1.12 is finally here but it's selling out quickly, black and green body only, stonewhite hopefully in a few weeks. 26800 tubes for DM11/DM1.12 is available and will fit both the DM11 and DM1.12

DM1.12 >>> Noctigon DM1.12 Throw + Flood 21700 & 26800 LED Flashlight – JLHawaii808

26800 tubes >>> Noctigon DM11 DM1.12 26800 Extension Tube/Cap – JLHawaii808

Emisar D18 SST-20/Osram W2 mix is back in stock but only SAND >>> EMISAR D18 CUSTOM EMITTER MIX OSRAM W2 SST-20 2700K/4000K – JLHawaii808

Emisar aluminum D4v2 SST-20 4000k is back in stock >>> Emisar D4v2 Quad SST20 SST-20 High Power LED Flashlight – JLHawaii808

Lumintop next Shipment hopefully late next week with the long awaited Lumintop Frog. Will be offering these in CW and Nicha 219b options (stock emitter SST-20 4000k)

Queens Battery and Vapcell 26800 batteries will be available in about a week

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